3 Ways of making money on ICO’s Even If you have no Idea what you’re doing

Brad Garlinghouse

On the other hand, ICO also gives an opportunity to make a handful amount for those who contribute in crowd sale of ICO. Crowd sale of ICO means when ICO based company announced pre-sale about its public offering of ICO token to the public & the day come when ICO tokens are offered for sale to the people. People who buy these tokens they are actually contribute in campaign & their contributions are termed as donations.

The boom of cryptocurrency market that has touched the height over $800 dollars market capitalization make it fertile place where people suppose to earn their part according to its investment. More they invest, more they get. This is the reason that the demand of launching ICOs increasing day by day.

It is envisaged that ICOs market surged around $ 5.6 billion dollars in 2017. It means where initiator of ICOs earned millions of dollars there its investors or contributors also make instant money.

Those users who have been engaged in investing in ICO’s, they have plenty of experience to test the credibility of new launching ICO by reviewing its white paper, technology & idea working behind, the team which is duly concerned with ICO & their relevant experience to the particular industry but what about those who are NEW CONTRIBUTORS in to ICOs & they don’t have any idea how to invest & earn money.

There are three under noted ways to adopt it any person who is willing to invest into ICO can make ample amount of money even he/she does not have strong analytical skill to understand the phenomena to contribute into ICO.

1. Review social media talks:

There are plenty of forums where people who have experience of many years in investing into digital coins & ICO tokens they constantly publish their views on ICO credibility like Bitcoin talks, reddit, facebook ICO & Cryptocurrency community which is free to join.

These are helpful forums where people share their good or bad experiences about investment in to ICO as well as describe attributes about ICO token. These are very useful plate forms.

A new comer in the field of ICO can easily be understand that which ICO token would be beneficial for him /her to contribute & earn money. Even if someone has no idea, he / she may ask from other participants of the plate form by just post a question.

2. Invest into different ICOs with long term holding:

Once you determine the strength of ICOs by reviewing comments on ICOs, you would come at a conclusive point to invest into ICO that would prove lucrative asset for the user. The second step would investment phase. Select the ICO token that offer incentive likes bonus.

For instance, Some ICO initiator offer bonus to those contributors who buy some particular tokens like LiveEdu announced 25% bonus to those ICO participants who would buy at least $50 value of ICO tokens. Similarly, Storiqa also offered bonus system on ICO token sale.

Blockchain based ICO startups put a restriction of selling ICO tokens to an individual. Therefore, ICO campaign participants need to invest into different ICOs & hold it for a long time for a handsome return on initial investment.

Mostly ICO tokens are in cents or even at $ 1 but when they launch it turns into valuable worth from its initial value like Ethereum launch in cents, it rose up to $8 in 2016 & hovered around $1000 in 2017. Besides this, it has gained peak over $1300 in the month of January 2018.

Another outstanding altcoin is NEO when its ICO token were launched that were in cents in September, 2016. Now it has touched the height of $161 as on January 16, 2018. Another ICO token is ICON which launched in cents in October 2017 that has gained a tremendous increase in price over $11 & currently is being traded above $8.

Do your due diligence:

This is by birth ability that each individual has on earth. What we need to do, just utilize it using one’s mind capabilities to address an issue with own suggested solution. In this regard, first step is to review the website & white paper of any ICO in which you want to invest.

After reviewing ICO, ask yourself that the idea presented by its team is really workable in the real world? Would blockchain based ICO startup technology bring ease & flexibility in operation of any activity prior to this innovation.

For instance, some ICO companies offered computing storage capacity like Golem, Storj & Sia & brought a revolution in technology world. Some offered borrowing & lending plate form where millennials that had been ignoring to get finance facility from any traditional financial institutions due to low credit scoring. Such kind of problems duly addressed by blockchain based company like Celsius Network.

Another example is quoted here of Rex ICO token, Rex is being offered a multiple listing services in real estate world for buying & selling property with a unique way. In addition to this, Airbnb also introduced an odd concept of renting out extra space that gained much attention. These are innovative ideas that gain much attention at grass root level.

We know that those individuals who have social appearance due to their expertise, they are respected by large & people do trust on them. Similarly, when professional team who are well known figures in a society, when they launch an ICO that has worth & payback lucrative profit on invest into that ICO.

These are tested ways to make an attractive amount of money even you don’t have prior professional experience.

One last thing which is imperative to mention here that to buy an ICO token it is not enough to be registered on cryptocurrency exchanges like Bittrex, Polonies, CEX.io because one cannot get any ICO token until unless, he / she has wallet address using private keys which are under your access.

Contributor needs to exchange fiat currency with Bitcoin or Ether first then send bitcoin or ether to buy ICO tokens on their address. ICO startup send these tokens at user’s wallet address & user would have access to these tokens using private keys.

The best way to transfer ether to the address of ICO through my Ethereum wallet. User may send ether through its crypto-exchange into Ether wallet. From ether wallet address to ICO address. ICO company would send back ICO tokens to Ethereum wallet address. Similarly, where bitcoin is used to get ICO tokens, in this case, Bitcoin.info is the most suitable option that works like Ethereum wallet.

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  • ICO is a high-risk investment. Nevertheless, if the ICO will be successful their tokens cost very much and you can get a lot of money on tokens sale. Be careful, you have to be ready to lose the money you invest into ICO because it’s rather a lottery. But i know a good catalog: sellandbuycoins.com. I hope you will be useful this information.

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