10 Best online market places where you can buy bitcoins with low commissions

It is focused on the crowd who want to acquire a major nibble of their cake by saving money on buying Bitcoins with least fee from Bitcoin exchanges via debit card, credit card, PayPal, wire transfer etc.

Prerequisite to purchase Bitcoins from exchange?

Buying / selling Bitcoin through trade exchanges, it accounts 0 percent to 0.5 percent on most trades and 0.1 percent to 0.2 percent for long term trade yet it fluctuates at different day exchanging. Before going to join any trade one must discover the trades that offer low expenses a pay on deposit & withdrawal from bitcoin exchanges to abstain from confronting additional derivation from financials benefits.

Payment Method choices:
Bank exchange are similarly high charges for move cash into trades. In this way, it is wanted to execute trades through debit credit, credit card, PayPal etc that can be exchanged for at least an affordable price.

Requirements for verification:
Some Bitcoin exchanges do require a documentary proof for verification requirement. For example, Poloniex requires a duplicate of your pic, driving permit for verification purpose. In opposition to this, Bittrex is another very much perceived trade that they only need your email id to sign into Bittrex for trading. Bitcoin Exchange rate may shift starting with one on the next sale on the offered by buyer & seller.

The Best Bitcoin Coin Exchanges of 2017 that offers low charges:



Coinbase is the most renowned US based Bitcoin trade. This is the plate-form where 9.8 million clients with $ 20 billion worth crypto currency is being traded. The system of Coinbase bolsters more than 30 nations. Coinbase is the most renowned US based Bitcoin trade. This is the plate-form where 9.8 million clients with $ 20 billion worth crypto currency is being traded. The system of Coinbase bolsters more than 30 nations.

It offers high liquidity exchange with low deposit & withdrawal fee. Trade fee 1.4% to trade between currencies on coinbase account. By using a debit card, credit card, PayPal, purchase of a bitcoin at 4% flat rate fee. For US based, it offers many services at least fee. Customers can easily buy bitcoins with their wallet provided on iphone.

Coinbase website: www.coinbase.com

Striking Feature: It is user friendly for quick transactions. With low fee, provide security. It is insured, even your currency, hacked or steeled, Coinbase would be responsible to pay back you.

Limitations: Due to rush on the platform, the sometime server becomes unresponsive.



Bitmax is a large exchange that has estimated $32 million volume trading. It allows only Bitcoin account funding. The trading fee accounts -0.25% to 0%, negative figure means trader will get a rebate on maker side while taker fee ranges from 0.25% to 0.075% depends on market.

Bitmex website: www.bitmex.com

Striking Features: Very low fees, Customer services are responsive, good reputation.
Limitations: It accepts & withdrawals bitcoins only.


BTC China
BTC China

BTCC is a china based Exchange. It is considered a dominant player for Chinese yuan trades into bitcoin. Trading & mining fees are low. It is a very highly liquid market. No trading fee is charged.

BTCC Website: www.btcc.com

Striking Features: Trading, mining & wallet facilities are being offered with 24/7 customer support. The staff will be contacted within 12 hours of sending any query.

Limitations: limited currency support to USD & CNY.


Kraken Bitcoin Exchange
Kraken Bitcoin Exchange

It is well reputed exchange where Bitcoin trade occurs in European currency. People living in North America & Europe give preference to use Kraken exchange. It is useful for clients for North America and European Unions. They buy & sell bitcoins with different currencies like American dollar, Euro, British pounds etc.

Maker charges shifts from 0% to 0.36% it relies upon volume exchange and cash sets. While, Taker charges ranges from 0.1% to 0.36%.

Kraken site: www.kraken.com

Striking Features: Worldwide accessibility with reasonable trade rates, low exchange charges, insignificant store expense.
Limitations: Limited options for payments. It is designed by clients that have well experience.



This is a name of trust. It offers exchanging dashboards and edge exchanging with ease & flexibility. It enables client to exchange double alternatives, exchange fiat cash with digital currencies and cryptographic money with fiat cash. It likewise gives financier administration to tenderfoot brokers to purchase. The site of Cex.io is secure where Bitcoins remains safe & secure.

Website: www.cex.io.com

Striking Feature: It is overall upheld, easy to understand, low swapping scale. Utilizing charge cards tenderfoots.
Limitations: It requires check process, store is a tad bit higher.



Unquestionably, Poloniex is the world’s driving cryptographic money trade with the most elevated exchanging volume. It exchanged more than 100 cryptographic money pairings. For makers ranges from 0% to 0.15% relies upon exchanged sum.
Likewise, for takers, its expenses differ from 0.10 percent to 0.25%. Poloniex has the given box the office to speak with the Poloniex bolster group.

Website: www.poloniex.com

Striking Feature: User well disposed, High volume exchanging plate-shape with low exchanging charges.

Limitations: It doesn’t bolster fiat money. Because of high movement on plate -form, client bolster is moderate.



Bitstamp is the main European origin bitcoin trade exchange. It is the most reputed and reliable frame for exchanging. It requires two stage validation, underpins multisig innovation (it is a type of innovation which is utilized to include extra security and for bitcoin exchanges) for its wallet. It is completely safeguarded with two stage validation.

Website: www.bitstamp.net

Striking Feature: day in and day out help cutting edge security and overall accessibility with low exchange expenses. Multilingual UI which can be utilized effectively.

Impediments: Limited options for payments, store expenses high.



Gemini is additionally a decent rumored trade. It exchanges three monetary standards Ethereum, American dollars & Bitcoin. The trade offers a rebate on the maker and taker fee at high volume exchange. Client base stretching out to America, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, British & other places.

Website: www.gemini.com

Striking Features: Fully insured plate form is a sign of protection for currency, high liquidity & discounts available at large volume tradings.

Limitations: Currencies circulation access is limited to countries with no margin trading facility.



Bitfinex is another good reputed trading exchange for both daily trading & long term investment. It supports minimum trading fees. Maker fees starts from 0 percent to 0.1% & taker fees vary from 0.1% to 0.2% depending on monthly volume.

Website: www.bitfinex.com

Striking Features: It is well-known for the huge trading volume for BTC / USD & ETH / BTC pairs.

Limitations: Limited payment options. Account financing is taking place through bank deposit / withdrawals. Wire transfer charges 0.1%. & limited support for fiat currency.



It is a renowned Bitcoin exchange of Europe. It provides fastest services to their clients. It is estimated € 77,571,106.94 euros worth of bitcoin exchanged.

The striking feature is that it offers a fast deposit / withdrawals & speedy transfer of fund options of all bitcoin exchanges. The customer accounts are being secured with two factor authentication & account settings. Transfer of account funds is supported by SEPA transfer, Wire transfer, money polo & OK PAY. It supports fiat Euro & supported pairs BTC/EURO.

Website: www.coinmate.io

It is the lowest possible fee structure. Maker fee ranges from 0 percent to 0.05 percent & taker fees varies from 0.1 percent to 0.35 percent.



It is good to purchase a bitcoin at a cheap rate from Bitcoinx.io website which provides the list of cryptocurrency exchanges as per country. At here filter your home country. For instance, your home country is Australia & select fiat AUS then search for exchanges to buy bitcoin.

Website: https://bitcoinx.com

BTC Markets

BTC Markets
BTC Markets

BTCMarkets.net is the global marketplace where large numbers of traders are buying and selling bitcoins. The more traders & cheapest market prices. There is zero fees on deposit / withdrawals cryptocurrency or your fiat currency. Trading fee accounted very low at 0.1% for AUD markets with volume discount & 0.22% flat rate for anything else.

Website: www.btcmarkets.net

Striking Features: For security reason, account must be verified by your driving license, passport & additional documents which shows your identity.

Limitations: It only deals with Bitcoin, Litcoin & Australian currency.


As discussed earlier to know about bitcoin exchange rate, trading fee, deposit / withdrawal fees & reputation one must look for credibility of exchange. This can be found through the user reviews available at well-known websites & forums like Bitcoin Talks or reddit which are very useful in making a decision that will be more useful for you.

There are some geographical restrictions that are existent to use some specific user functions and make sure that you have full access to all functions in home country.

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